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Mapa de Cartago

Provincia de Cartago



Is one of the seven provinces of Costa Rica. It is located in the center of the country, without access to the coast. Bordered on the north and east by Limon Province, west and south San Jose Province.
Its capital, Cartago was until 1823 the capital of Costa Rica, during the colonial and early Republic.

Cartago is the second smallest province in the country, after Heredia

This Province  is divided into 51 districts, 8 cantons. The cantons and their capitals are: (Link to Wikipedia)

  1. Cartago, Cartago.
  2. Paraiso, Paraiso.
  3. La Union, Tres Rios.
  4. Jimenez, Juan Viñas.
  5. Turrialba, Turrialba.
  6. Alvarado, Pacayas
  7. Oreamuno, San Rafael
  8. El Guarco, Tejar

Traditionally the areas surrounding this city have been primarily used for agriculture or livestock, there are currently large areas protected as areas of environmental conservation.

There are also indigenous lands and other activity is starting to gradually take more economic importance to the Cartaguineses, is rural tourism or ecotourism, mainly in the canton of Turrialba. The agricultural sector continues to be very important for the economy, its main crops are: potato, coffee, vegetables, sugar cane, macadamia, peach and ornamentals.

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