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Costa Rica’s rainy season

26 June 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

It’s true. Tourists and visitors who come to Costa Rica are always told that the best time to visit is during the dry season. Which, is not totally wrong: during this season you’ll find clear sky’s, lots of breeze and hot sunny days. But we’ll tell you a secret: the best way to ultimately get to know Costa Rica to its fullest potential is actually during the rainy season!

You might be wondering about this strange recommendation. Well, firstly, CR is known primarily for its abundant rainforests and mountains. And what better time to visit these, than during the rainy season when the flowers bloom and jungles become lusher than ever before? We assure you, pictures won't look the same once rain starts falling and grass starts growing!

Murphy’s law – when tourism picks up, so do the prices! Another one of the great advantages of vacationing during the rainy season is that you can take advantage of the ‘regular’ prices when booking hotels, dining at restaurants and shopping or stuff. Also, places tend to be less crowded which we al know is a huge plus!

Visiting Costa Rica during the rainy season has another great plus – being the witness to some of the most intensely beautiful waterfalls you have ever seen! During this period, rivers and waterfalls become even more impressive than usual. Giving adventurers an amazing opportunity to explore all hundreds of different gushing waterfalls in and out of the city.

But what about the beaches? Costa Rica is also known for its beaches! Well, we’ve got an answer for that! During the rainy season, there is no better place to be than on the Caribbean coast! During this time, the beaches at Limon go through their own little ‘summer’ days, which means lots of salt, sun, and fun! Some great spots to hit are Puerto Viejo, Uvita and Manzanillo beaches.

Costa Rica is a country full of secrets! And those secrets are even more incredible when months of rain! So why no experience the country to its maximum potential?
Plan your holiday during the rainy season and discover all that Costa Rica has to offer.

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