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Family Day at Ventanas Beach!

02 May 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

When was the last day that you had one of those really perfect unforgettable family days? If you find yourself needing to plan one of those incredible summer trips, don’t think twice and visit the picture-perfect Ventanas beach!

Located at the North end of Playa Grande, you will find the much smaller but beyond beautiful Ventanas Beach! Loved by many because of its white sand, ample shade and gorgeous blue ocean, this is really the ultimate vacationing spot!

There are so many things to do here, that you will find yourself wanting to start the day all over again! Playa Ventanas is famous for its gentle waves and gradual slope to the ocean. Which makes it the perfect opportunity to learn how to kayak or even paddle board! Snorkeling is also big here as the ocean is filled with corals and stunning tropical fish! And for the little ones? At low tide, Ventanas beach exposes the most delicious rocky tide pools which are perfect to cool off during a hot sunny day!

Ventanas beach may have many amazing activities, but there is one you definitely can’t miss! Named after it, this beach has a unique cave with semi-submerged tunnels and two naturally carved ‘windows’ which will absolutely blow your mind away! During the high tide, the currents and forces of the water create the most incredible show to watch! During low tides, you can actually swim inside it to explore it within. Isn’t that just so awesome?

You can add some more great activities to your family day such as a soccer match, beach volleyball, castle building and even a good old fashioned walk on the beach!

And what better way to end this adventure-filled family day, than by having a picnic while watching the Costa Rican sunset!

Feeling excited yet about your next family trip? We sure do! Playa Ventanas is just a short 4-hour drive from San Jose. Do make sure to take a 4x4 vehicle, especially during the rainy season, as the dirt road may get quite bumpy.

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Ventanas Beach, Costa Rica

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