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Irazu Volcano, Cartago

Family trip at the Cartago attractions!

28 February 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Nothing beats a Sunday fun-day! Especially when you are having a wonderful time with your family and friends! ! And what better way to really enjoy a great family day than to take a trip to the province of Cartago by road and visit its two main attractions: its impressive volcano and a spooky hospital!

Start your day early and head over to Cartago’s Irazu Volcano! The drive to get there will usually take you about an hour or two but it is so worth it! Once you start driving up the mountains, you will be able to appreciate some seriously stunning views of the valley below!

Once you get there, park your car and head right over to the main crater. The Irazu Volcano is really impressive for first-timers due to its black sand, harsh environment and multiple craters. One of the coolest things about the Irazu Volcano is its smaller crater which is filled with bright blue-green water and makes it look quite extraordinary!

Make sure you take your walking shoes, because the volcano also offers some great hiking trails which will allow you to get to know its Laguna, its craters as well as various great lookout spots!

Once you are ready to leave, make sure you stop by the coffee shop and get some nice hot coffee or chocolate as there is still much more to explore!

A few kilometers down, in Prusia Cartago, you will find the popularly known Carlos Duran Sanatorium. This was a fully equipped hospital built to hold up to 300 tuberculosis patients during the outbreak in Costa Rica.

The Sanatorium is now a ‘museum’ like building that still holds the original rooms such as the kitchen, laundry room, chapel, laboratory and operation rooms. Exploring the place is always great fun for both kids and adults!

The terrain surrounding the Sanatorium is quite big and you will find that there is lots of room for children to run around and play games. You are most welcome to bring a picnic so that you can have a nice lunch while admiring a breathtaking view of San Jose.

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One Day Tour: Prusia, Cartago - Costa Rica

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