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Mapa de Heredia

Provincia de Heredia



Heredia province of Costa Rica. This province is located in the north-central part of the country. Bordered by Nicaragua to the north, east to the province of Limón, on the south by the province of San José and west by the province of Alajuela.

Is the smallest province of Costa Rica, representing 5.2% of the national territory. It is the heart with coffee plantations. It is located 12 kilometers from San José and maintains an average temperature of 28 º C. The provincial capital is the city of Heredia, known as the "city of flowers".

This province has remnants of the colonial tradition, both in the adobe houses that are observed by some of the streets of Barva and Santo Domingo and the beautiful neo-Gothic churches in the towns of San Isidro and San Rafael. In 1985, the President, Luis Alberto Monge, named the town of Barva as the first national historic center.

The province is subdivided into 10 cantons and 47 districts. (click in any Canton to see Wikipedia)

  1. Heredia (Heredia)
  2. Barva (Barva)
  3. Santo Domingo (Santo Domingo)
  4. Santa Bárbara (Santa Bárbara)
  5. San Rafael (San Rafael)
  6. San Isidro (San Isidro)
  7. Belén (San Antonio)
  8. Flores (San Joaquín)
  9. San Pablo (San Pablo)
  10. Sarapiquí (Puerto Viejo)


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