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Bijagual waterfall

Horseback riding at Bijagual!

21 April 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Monday thru Fridays are all about city life. Meetings, deadlines and alarm clocks are all part of our daily routines. But all throughout the week, we know you are only thinking about one thing: the weekend! There is nothing better than taking an off-the-beaten track tour to renew your mind, body and soul! So here we will leave you with a fresh new adventure: the impressive Bijagual waterfall!

Start your day off early as possible, as you will have to drive about 1.5 hours to the Jaco mountains. Although most of the road is paved, you will find that the last stretch turns into a dirt road. Compact vehicles are fine during the dry season, but do make sure to take a 4WD if you visit during the rainy season.

Once you arrive to the Bijagual Nature Reserve, it’s time to start your off-road adventure! Saddle up and start enjoying!

The trail to Bijagual will take you through some pretty amazing scenery. Lush tropical vegetation and fun exotic animals such as frogs, toucans, sloths and monkeys tend to be the crowd’s favorite. During the ride, you will even be able to spot the impressive Pacific Ocean through the rainforest – absolutely gorgeous!

After about a kilometer and a half of riding, you will reach the entrance to the waterfall where you will have to continue on foot. Be careful at this point as the trail goes downhill and may get slippery from time to time.

The closer you get to the waterfall, the louder the roar! And once you get up close and personal, you will see why! The Bijagual waterfall is said to be one of the tallest in Costa Rica – with a missive 600-foot fall. There is no way you won’t be impressed by such an extraordinary natural wonder!
The Bijagual waterfall creates thee delicious natural pools which are about six feet deep. Take a dive and enjoy a cool swim under the warm Costa Rican sun!

Make a day out of it! Bring snacks, drinks and chill while picnicking with family or friends.

Make the best out of your weekend and venture to the one-and-only Bijagual waterfall!

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Catarata Bijagual, Garabito, Costa Rica

Video: youtube.com/watch?v=63EzvglQ4oA

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