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Volio Waterfall

Off the beaten path: Volio Waterfall

21 February 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Are you in search for your next off the beaten path adventure? No need to look any further, we’ve got the perfect one for you! On your next weekend escapade, visit the gorgeous Volio Waterfall!

This amazing waterfall is located near the town of Bribri which is actually an indigenous reserve – we bet you haven’t been around one of these, ever! The town of Bribri is located in Limon, which is about 4-5 hours from San Jose.

We do advise, this ride should only be done by the daring, as finding the actual waterfall is an adventure in itself. The Volio Waterfall is hidden within the Bribri rainforest, which makes it even more interesting. It is important you do hire a local guide as the way there might get risky at times.
We recommend you visit the Volio Waterfall only during the dry season, as you need to cross three different rivers to even get close to the actual spot. During the dry season ,4x4 vehicles may drive through the shallow rivers, however during the rainy season you will probably have to walk the entire way and that may get a bit too dangerous.

Once you cross the 3 rivers, you will get to a small sign placed on the treetops. Once you get here it’s time to park the car and start walking! To actually get to the Volio waterfall, you need to walk up stream for a bit. Once you get to a fork on the river, take a right and walk straight until you get to the actual waterfall.

There is no doubt that you will be amazed by Volio’s stunning beauty! A stunning cascade of 50 feet will certainly leave you breathless for a few moments! The nature surrounding the waterfall is also absolutely amazing! Lush flora and tropical wildlife will make you want to stay here forever!

Although having a picnic here is nearly impossible as you would have to hike with all the supplies; a nice snack is definitely great at this point. Also, the waterfall creates a refreshing pool which is delicious for a mid-day swim to cool off before making your way back.

On your next free weekend visit the magnificent Volio waterfall!

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Volio Waterfall near Cahuita & Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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