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Toros a la Tica, Palmares

The one and only Palmares Festival!

07 March 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Foreigners may not be familiar with the tradition, but locals are well are of the ‘Tico’ holiday traditions. First comes Christmas, then New Years and most importantly after that: the Palmares Festivities! The entire country waits anxiously all through out the year for this time of year and we’ll tell you why!

Palamres is actually a small town located between Alajuela and San Ramon. And although most of the year, the town is not very popular in terms of attractions or tourism, during January it becomes the ‘go-to place’ for kids, adults, families and friends. During the second half of January, this town hosts the famously known Palmares Festivities.

The festival kicks-off every year with two main celebrations. First is the Latern Parade which is a light show on the grounds of the festival, accompanied by a minor league tournament. Most popularly know to open the Palmares celebrations, is the famous “Tope”. During this section of the festival, locals bring their strongest and biggest horses to parade around town.

After this, the festivities are officially inaugurated and the fun begins! During the two weeks, there are dainly events and surprises for both locals and visitors to enjoy!

Kids and families are welcome during the day, as Palmares offers everything from raffles, games, contests and amusement park attractions including the popular ‘Tagada’.

At night, multiple improvised bar-tents are opened for adults only. Gigantic bar-like structures are put up where all types of events are held such as daily concerts and performances. Outdoor concerts are always a crowd favorite as it usually includes international artists of all kind.

Outdoor food stands and food trucks are also available all throughout the day.

Finally, the Palmares Festival also includes the traditional “Toros a la Tica” which is a Costa Rican-style of bullfighting. Here, improvising bullfighters get in a ring to try and taunt the bull.

Haven’t heard about Palmares before? Don’t worry! But next January, make sure you book a day to visit this crazy Festival for the wild night of your life! We promise you’ll definitely want to go back the next year!

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Fiestas Palmares en Costa Rica

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