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Irazu Volcano, Costa Rica

Picnic day at Irazu!

16 May 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Ready for another one of our amazing family fun-day ideas? Next time you are looking for a different way to spend your Saturday, make sure to plan an exciting picnic day at the remarkable Irazu Volcano!

Located in Cartago, the Irazu National Volcano is one of Costa Rica’s favorite go-to spots for a quick family getaway. Getting here is quite fast (only about a 1.5-hour drive) as the roads are in great condition and clearly marked.

But what is so special about the Irazu Volcano? And why would it make an awesome picnic spot? To start off, the Irazu is Costa Rica’s largest volcano which additionally has a height of about 11,260 feet above sea level, making its average temperature a chilly 45ºF. On the volcano’s surroundings, you will find flawless primary, secondary and cloud forest, giving you an entirely magical experience!

As if all that wasn’t enough, the Irazu Volcano also holds within its National Park, several craters which are their most popular attractions. The smaller crater is quite impressive as it dips below the surface 300 ft and has an emerald green lake that impresses any and every visitor. It's larger crater is 900 feet and characterized by the steam which rises from within.

Families love visiting the Irazu Volcano and exploring its park due to the absolutely gorgeous scenery’s that you get - no matter where you are! But the chilly weather and cold breezes with surely have you craving a yummy lunch and hot chocolate in no time!

Picnic tables are available just outside of the main crater where you are welcome to sit with your family and enjoy a memorable Sunday lunch. Sandwiches, cookies, coffee and hot chocolate tend to be crowd favorites, however, you are welcome to bring anything to make your Saturday one to remember!
Quick note, the area around the picnic tables are full of happy coats roaming around for leftover foods. It's important to note, feeding these cute furry friends is not allowed.

After a delicious family lunch, you are always welcome to give the marvelous panoramic views. On clear days, you may even get to see the Pacific and Caribbean!

Don’t spend another boring Saturday pacing around the house! Get your family together and spend an unforgettable picnic day at the lovely Irazu Volcano!

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Volcano Irazu, Cartago Costa Rica

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