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Río Perdido, Guanacaste

Rio Perdido: a romantic escape!

10 April 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

There are certain places and adventures which simply spark love and romance! But it’s sometimes so hard to find romantic getaways without having to spend big bucks! Don’t worry though! We’ve got the perfect solution that will make your special someone go absolutely crazy for you! On your next romantic escape, check out the lovely Rio Perdido river!

It may sound quite simple and plain, but you have no idea the surprises that are in store for you and you partner! Rio Perdido Reserve is actually a thermal river which is located Bagaces, Guanacaste; about 1 hour from the Liberia International Airport. This amazing river cuts through its 600-acre private property exposing lush forests, rocky cliffs and gigantic boulders created by the underground volcanic activity.

Rio Perdido’s main attraction is evidently its marvelous thermal river which is actually heated by the Miravalles Volcano lowlands. Once you see the river and all it has to offer, you will surely be mesmerized by its beauty!

Rio Perdido offers many wonderful activities that will inspire feelings of love, closeness and intimacy in both yourself and your partner. The most delicious and obvious option are its soothing thermal pools. The combination of the river’s flow along with its spring water creates dozens of pools with different temperatures that are absolutely delicious! Its invigorating mineral water will have you wanting to stay there for the entire day!

Another popular favorite amongst couples are the famous volcanic mud baths. Not only do these baths add a little adventure and excitement to the day but they also offer great benefits! This ancient technique is proven to stimulate relaxation, soften the skin and it is a great opportunity to offer a pleasant massage!

Rio Perdido offers various lodging options in case you want to extend your dreamy escape. The reserve offers gorgeous bungalows that will give you a very comfortable stay.

If you do decide to stay, there are some extra activities you can take part of such as hiking, biking, zip lining, visiting hanging brides and even enjoying a wonderful day at the spa!

 Take some time off and pamper your loved one with some much needed rest and relaxation. On your next romantic escapade, check out the unique Rio Perdido reserve!

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