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Your Sunday in Turrialba town

15 June 2017 on Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

One of the best things about living in Costa Rica, is that you don’t have to spend big bucks to sightsee! Because it’s such a small country, there are plenty of places to discover which are close by, inexpensive and lots of fun! A great example of this is the lovely town of Turrialba!

Visiting this charming countryside town is amongst one of the best ways to spend your Sunday! Located in the Central Valley, in the Cartago province, Turrialba town is known for having vibrant green land and some of the most incredible natural scenery close to the city.

Once capital of Costa Rica, city of Turrialba remains rich in culture and history. Also, is main industry and economic development revolves around the production of milk and other products. Actually, you’ll find that the country’s famous ‘Turrialba’ cheese is –of course- produced here! During you, day here, make sure to bring cash so that you can try some of the area’s freshest milk products as well as its popular coffee and nuts.

Visiting this lovely town is not only about the food. City of Turrialba offers its visitors numerous outdoor activities for any and every taste!

This wonderful town is home to the Turrialba National Park, which is – incredibly – also home to an active volcano. Hiking the park’s trails is an awesome experience, especially because once you get to the summit, you are able to see the Irazu, Poas and Barva volcanoes in the distance. Very cool!
Although the park has been closed to the public on and off due to activity, it is studied daily and opened when safe.

Another great way to spend a Sunday at city of Turrialba? Visiting its amazing Guayabo National Monument. Visiting these stunning pre-Columbian ruins are a great way to get some exercise while learning about the life of Costa Ricans during the period of 1000 BC to 1400AD.

Still not convinced yet? Well, we left the best for last! You will find that city of Turrialba is the perfect place to visit if you are one of those adrenaline junkies! River rafting is huge here, as you will find both the Reventazon and Pacuare’s river offer class II-IV rapids for you to enjoy!

Sounds like a fun way to spend a different kind of Sunday, right? Don’t sweat it, visit the city of Turrialba for a fun and inexpensive weekend adventure!

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Turrialba Volcano & Guayabo National Park - Costa Rica

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