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Cachi Climbing wall

Adventure time at Cachi!

29 August 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Every once in a while, you should take a couple of days off and do something so adventurous and exciting that makes you push your own limits. Get your blood pumping, feel your heart rushing and simply go for it! If you are tempted to go on a weekend trip for the adventure of a lifetime, then we recommend you visit Cachi and its awesome climbing wall!

About a 2-hour drive from San Jose, Cachi is a small town located in Cartago. Although most of the road is paved, you might encounter some dirt roads along the way. You can take any compact to get to Cachi’s main area; but in order to reach the actual climbing wall you’ll definitely need a 4x4 vehicle.

This incredible place will not only give you the opportunity to experience adrenaline at its fullest, but you can make a weekend trip out of it! To make the most out of the trip you can take a group of friends and even spend the night at a bungalow so you can really take your time and enjoy all of its activities!

To start off, Cachi’s climbing wall is one of the coolest in the country. Its about 25 meters high and has about 20 or so routes you can try! The routes have all kind of difficulty levels, from beginners to advanced. This awesome climbing wall is completely natural and has the best weather conditions (sort of cold and not windy). You can either take your own gear (if you have your own) or rent it.

But it doesn’t stop there! At Cachi, they make sure to satisfy your craving for adventure! Apart from the Climbing wall you can also enjoy a mind-blowing 45-meter Rappel wall, hiking and camping. And to top it off, you can enjoy the delicious natural pool to rest you tired muscles after all that rush!

Cachi has no restaurants so whether you decide to spend the day or stay for one night, make sure you bring plenty of food and water. Also, comfy clothing and shoes are best.

Don’t miss this incredible chance for some outdoor fun and adventure! Visit Cachi’s awesome climbing wall!

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Cachi Rock Climbing, Costa Rica

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