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Arenal Hanging Bridges park of Costa Rica

Beautifully unique Heliconia bridges

01 November 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica for a great summer vacation? Then you know that hitting the beach is a definite must! Taking a few days off and getting lost in the Guanacaste beaches can repaid and renew anyone’s mind, bony and soul!
But what about taking real advantage of your trip and taking your Costa Rican experience to the next level?

If you are travelling to Guanacaste, you simply plan a nature-filled adventure day at the one and only Heliconia bridges!

The wonderful Heliconia bridges are located on a reserve right next to the Tenorio Volcano National Park. Although you don’t necessarily need a 4WD to get here, you are better off getting a 4x4 vehicle if you are visiting Guanacaste anyways.

The Tenorio Volcano National park is actually considered one of the most perfect places for nature lovers as it has so many characteristics that make is unique. Take for example the fact that it has an active volcano or that you can view the rainforest from its very own tree-tops. Yeah, that’s cool!

To get to the actual bridges, you will first be taken on a hike that takes approximately about 3 hours through the pre-mountainous cloud forest. During this lovely hike you will be able to appreciate the park’s amazing wildlife and abundant flora. If you look closely and walk silently, you might get to see the usual birds, butterflies and monkeys which are so characteristic from the area.

Once you actually get to the Heliconia bridges, we can guarantee you will be blown away by its jaw-dropping panoramic views! There are four hanging bridges, each equally as impressive as the next! The bridges hang over the forest canopy at about 35 – 40 meters high. This means you really get to experience the rainforest from the most gorgeous and unique perspective.

Sold on the idea yet? We be you are! If you do decide to visit the lovely Heliconia bridges, make sure you take a good pair of hiking hoses, a camera and a great deal of insect repellent. The tours at the Heliconia bridges will usually come with a lunch included, however don’t forget to take your own water bottle and snack just in case!

Take our beach vacation to the next level by visiting the exceptional Heliconia bridges!

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Heliconia Rainforest

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