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Providencia de Dota, Costa Rica

Bouldering mecca: Providencia de Dota

17 August 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

There are few countries in the world that hold so many secrets and treasures. With so many rainforests, mountains, waterfalls, caves and beaches; there are so may little corners to explore and discover. Surely there are tons of little places to get to know, but one of Costa Rica’s best kept secrets is most definitely Providencia de Dota!

It’s not difficult to fall in love with this small piece of paradise! Providencia de Dota is located right in between the Talamanca mountains at 1600 meters over see level. Climate here is quite chilly and the area is packed with so much life, flora and fauna! Nature lovers are sure to have the most wonderful time here! Providencia has the most awesome biodiversity including the Savegre river and beautiful animals such as the quetzal. Hiking and mountain biking are some of the most common activities as they allow you to enjoy and experience everything that the area has to offer.

Apart from being a great place to appreciate nature, Providencia is also the bouldering mecca. In the last couple of years, Providencia has become the number one spot for boulder competitions and events including the annual Bouldering Festival in February.

The reason why Providencia has become the best spot for this sport is because the rocks her have lots of textures which causes a lot of friction between the surface and the climber’s hand. Providencia has all types of bouldering routes that range from V0 to V10.

Providencia de Dota is also known for having another wonderful attraction: a 35-foot beautiful waterfall called El Oso Maravilloso. The gorgeous blue pool created by the waterfall is the perfect spot to chill and take a dive after a long bouldering session.

Given that Providencia is such a small community, tourist attractions such as hiking, biking or even bouldering have helped in the area’s economic stability. If you do decide to visit, take into account that there are only about two small restaurants and a couple of family owned cabinas. Arriving to Providencia is not difficult but you might want to consider taking a 4x4 vehicle, as you may have to go through some dirt roads.

To all of you nature lovers, what are you waiting for? Providencia de Dota has all you need for you perfect mini holiday! When you are planning to visit Costa Rica you should consider Rent a Car Costa Rica as your go to source for your car rentals.

Providencia de Dota, Costa Rica

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