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Museo de los Niños, Costa Rica

Costa Rica Museums Guide

17 January 2017 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Most Costa Ricans and tourists get to know the city’s most popular spots. Shopping malls, historical landmarks, rainforests and beaches are the usual places on the list when wanting to sightsee. But not many get to know about the rich cultural, historical and artistic legacies that represent the country. And what better way to do this than by visiting some incredible Costa Rica museums that.

Costa Rica is full of nature and beauty. However, most don’t know about its incredible history and cultural legacies. And what better place to really get to know such a diverse country than by visiting its biggest and coolest Costa Rica museums?

Here, you will find a quick guide that will run you through the top 5 museums, its characteristics and details which makes them all so unique.

The Gold Museum

Also known as the “Museo de Oro Precolombino”, this insane museum is located underground, just beneath the ‘Plaza de la Cultura’.
Characterized by its a unique architecture, the Gold Museum holds the most extensive collection of Pre-Colombian gold which dates back to AD 500. A tour around the museum will allow you to see over 1600 artifacts including figurines, amulets, statuettes and even a life size gold warrior.
Within the Gold Museum, you can also access the National Coin Museum which displays some very interesting coins, bank notes and coffee tokens which date back to 1236.

The National Museum

The Costa Rican National Museum is quite unique as it is located in Calle 17 and was formerly used as a fortress in the 1948 civil war. The building was constructed back in 1917 and was later converted to the National Museum in 1950. Believe it or not, you can still find bullets lodged into its surface!

Although the National Museum is not the biggest one in size, it does sure keep the best collections that show off all of the country’s history. Here you will find various showcases which show the timeline all the way from the Pre- Columbian art, to Colonial, Industrial, and then more recent collections.

A very interesting feature about the National Museum is its Gold room or “Sala de Oro” which is a colonial room designed to emulate that of an actual quarter in the 18th century.

The Jade Museum

A recently built museum that now is located in front of Plaza de la Democracia.

The Jade Museum is one of a kind as it actually holds the world´s largest collection of Pre-Columbian jade, some of which date back to earlier than 500 BC. It’s just absolutely impressive! The museum itself offers its visitors 5 galleries including the jade room which displays exuberant translucent jade pendants!

The Children’s Museum

Also known as “Museo de los Niños”, this museum also holds a very interesting story. Its building was formerly used as San Jose’s main jail and was later renovated to become the Children’s Museum. Actually, at the entrance of the building, you will find a display of pictures which show the building in its original state.

The Children’s Museum is great fun as it offers both kids and adults numerous exhibits and interactive displays that help educate about topics such as technology, science, astronomy, history and culture. The museum itself offers 39 exciting rooms as well as old, well-preserved airplanes and trains.

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