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Costa Rica Packing: Do’s and don’t’s

14 November 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Planning a trip to Costa Rica is overwhelming! There is so much to do, so much information and so many places to visit; that it is hard to really come up with a plan you are 100% sure about. And with tough holiday decisions, also come (even tougher) packing choices! Being that Costa Rica has everything from beaches, to mountains and rainforests; its certainly hard cramming all types of clothes into one small suitcase.

This is why we created the perfect packing guide! Everyone is different and will therefore pack differently, buy you can certainly take a couple of hints of what is extremely necessary and what is not.

Your packing will depend entirely on tour travel plans (whether you are visiting hot, cold or humid climates). However there are some definite essentials. Weather is usually hot and humid; so light t-shirts, shorts and dresses are a definite must! You can definitely pack 1-2 pairs of jeans (tops) for cooler days or to use at night. Sandals and light tennis shoes are also a must, especially if you are planning to walk around the city.

Being that Costa Rica is a tropical country, we are pretty sure you wont forget your bathing suit! However, if you are planning to visit some other popular destinations such as volcanoes or rain/cloud forests, there is definitely some extra’s you will want to know about.
Although you might not consider Costa Rica to be a ‘cold’ country, it does get pretty chilly when you are at elevations that exceed 10,000 feet. So packing a warm sweater is important if you are planning to travel to places such as volcanoes (any of them), Cerro de la Muerte and Cerro Chirripo.

Rain jackets and quick-dry clothing is also extremely useful, especially if your plan involves visiting the rainforest. Even if you visit during the ‘dry season’, Costa Rica still has a very humid climate which requires fast drying garments.
Shoes are also a tricky subject. Make sure you bring something that is light enough for your suitcase, but that will give you enough traction to walk on muddy and slippery grounds without falling.

As to toiletries; you will find virtually everything is available at local supermarkets or pharmacies. There may be certain personal items you would like to pack for example your toothbrush or hairbrush. Anything else such as insect repellent, sunblock, razors, lotion, toothpaste, etc; is better to purchase it once you are here to avoid any overweight issues with your luggage.

Lastly, you should absolutely make sure you pack any chargers, portable batteries and cameras; as we can assure you will be needing lots of those to capture some great trip memories!

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What To Pack on a Trip to Costa Rica?

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