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La Carpintera

Costa Rica’s top 5 camping spots!

04 October 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Costa Rica has so many places to visit, see and discover! And what better way to really get to know every wonderful corner of it, than by camping out at some of the most gorgeous spots in the whole country! Here we will give you a close look at the top 5 camping spots you can choose from for a one-of-a-kind holiday!

Being that Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful tropical paradises on earth, it would make sense to camp out at its most sought-after camping spots on the beach! Our best picks are:

Cahuita National Park

An absolutely marvelous protected area with one of the most incredible coral reef’s you will ever get to see! Located in the Caribbean, you will be impressed by both land and water here! At Cahuita you will find tons to do such as hiking, scuba diving, surfing, etc. Light clothing is recommended, as it may get quite humid. But oh is it so worth it! Camping here is easy as there are showers, changing rooms and facilities where you may camp and enjoy nature while still staying close to restaurants and supermarkets.

Rincon de la Vieja National Park

Another great conservation area, this time located in Guanacaste. The park is located near the Rincon de la Vieja volcano which is just simply mesmerizing! This national park is ideal if you are a hiking addict, as it will take you through the beautiful forests and waterfalls around the area. The camping ground here is equipped with clean water, showers and bathrooms.

Corcovado National Park

Can’t get enough of the area’s diverse flora and fauna? Then camping at Corcovado is the right option for you!

Combining both tropical rainforest, beaches and sea; Corcovado really gives you a unique Costa Rican camping experience! Here you will be able to go on hikes, and really connect with the park’s diversity and splendor!

Clean water, public phones and first aid centers are available for campers.

Nonetheless, we understand that camping in hot, humid weather is not for everyone! So we also have a couple of cold weather options for all you camping fans out there!

Fraijanes forests

An absolutely beautiful mountain forest with so much to do and see! Fraijanes offers its campers everything from adequate camping grounds, to farms, strawberry fields and vivarium’s you can go to while visiting. Camping at Fraijanes is really a family experience to enjoy!

Camping here requires lots of clean, warm clothing, comfortable shoes (which might get muddy) and a great love for the outdoors!

La Carpintera

A great option to camp with friends! La Carpintera, located in Iztarú offers some of the coolest camping facilities you will find. Have an afternoon barbeque or even a bon fire at night for the coolest memories!

At la Carpintera, you will also find lots of space to play sports, bathrooms as well as basic firewood kitchens.

Nights here tend to get cold, so make sure you pack warm clothing.

Getting to many of these spots is not difficult but some do require a couple of driving hours. Our recommendation? Make sure you take a 4x4 vehicle, especially if you decide to camp during the rainy season.

So many places to choose from and so little time to see them all! Choose any of out top 5 campsites and we promise you will have the most unforgettable trip of your lifetime!

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Corcovado National Park

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