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La Sabana Park

A day at La Sabana Park!

08 November 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

There is no better feeling than waking up early on a Sunday morning and planning a day outdoors! Enjoying the sun and some fresh air is always an amazing way to end off your week! But sometimes planning a complex trip that involves leaving the city is not always an option. That’s when you should look to visit the lovely La Sabana Metropolitan Park!

Located downtown, just a couple of minutes from the center of San Jose, La Sabana Park is typically known as “the city’s lungs”. Covering an area of more than 0.72 square kilometers, it is the largest and most important urban park in Costa Rica.

La Sabana was officially inaugurated back in 1977 as an area where people could organize recreational activities. However years before, much of its area was used as the country’s first international airport which still stands today. Although the airport is no longer there, nowadays the building has been converted into a lovely museum which you are welcome to visit during the day.

Sports are big here at La Sabana! To start off, the park is home to the National Stadium where all big sporting events take place. There are also various soccer and basketball fields as well as a baseball field which you can use freely any time of the day!

If you are into walking or jogging we just know you will love this! La Sabana is an awesome option for peaceful walks through its green meadows. There is also a very cool jogging track that is partly shaded, which is great for sunny days!

Other activities such as biking, skating and kite flying are always an option. The sky is the limit!

You don’t really have to be an outdoor type to enjoy a day at this magical park! La Sabana Park offers countless other activities for you to do whether it’s for kids, teens or adults.

Take a lovely boat ride through the park’s artificial lake. Boats are available to rent for a small charge. Imagine spending your afternoon cruising the lake and simply enjoying a beautiful Costa Rican sunset.

Eating is also a big part of visiting La Sabana! You have various food options depending on your cravings. Small snack stands, food trucks and nearby restaurants are usually the crowds go-to options. However it you would rather bring some home cooked fool and picnic at the side of the lake you are most welcome to do so!

Why stay at home when you can create some great memories outdoor? Next Sunday make sure to plan your day at La Sabana park!

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Parque Metropolitano La Sabana - Costa Rica

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