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Santa Ana windmill farm

Family getaway: Santa Ana Windmill farm

12 September 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Looking to spend a Sunday with your family but have absolutely no clue where to go? Shopping malls are overrated, movies nights are usually packed and going out to a fancy restaurant to eat is not always an option (money wise!).

We think that the best way to spend a family day with family and friends is go outside and find a different and new experience to share! And what better way to do this, than to go on a lovely mountain trip! Not only will you get some great exercise but you and your family will get the freshest air ever!

The closest and easiest mountain trip that we can recommend is to drive up to the Parque Eólico Valle Central (also known as Santa Ana’s Windmill Farm). A very different Sunday trip that will re-connect you with nature and allow you to spend some good quality time with your family!

This beautiful farm has a total of 17 massive windmills which contribute with an approximate of 40 million kWh of electricity each year. These 17 giants provide constant energy to about 12,000 houses in the area – impressive isn’t it!

To make the most out of your trip, we recommend you start you day early, have a small breakfast and head out to the mountains. Once you get there, you will see lots of families, kids playing around and an overall great family atmosphere. Bring with you a picnic or at least a snack and hot chocolate to spend some time appreciating both the windmills as well as the fantastic city views! Make sure you phone has plenty of battery life as we can assure you will want to take lots of pictures here!

Santa Ana’s Windmill farm is about 1600 meters over sea level. Although it might not seem that high, it does get quite chilly. So make sure you take a nice sweater or blanket.

Once you are ready to head back, it’s always a good idea to stop at any of the Costa Rican restaurants to have some delicious local food!

The Windmill Farm in Santa Ana is located near Salitral, about an hour or so from the center of Escazu. The road conditions are not great (especially during the rainy season), and the path gets very steep from time to time. A 4x4 is recommended so that you can drive back and forth without having any issues.

Create amazing weekend memories at the Santa Ana Windmill farm!

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"Windmills In The Clouds" Santa Ana, Costa Rica

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