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Cerro Iztaru, Costa Rica

Great kid’s fun at Cerro Iztaru!

22 November 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

-Cerro Iztaru- In the old days, kids used to spend most of their free time outside, exploring and discovering new things. Their number one priority was their closets friends and neighbors and no weekend was complete without some sort of camping or sleep over experience! But certainly, things have changed.

However not all is a lost cause! There are still a couple of places that bring out those inner child’s and remind us of the importance of adventure! And one of those places is the awesome Cerro Iztaru!

Known by locals as ‘nature’s amusement park’, Iztaru is the perfect place for family days, kids birthdays and annual camping trips! Here you will be able to enjoy everything from forests, to green land and camping areas which you can use for everything you can imagine! Iztaru has an area of approximately 76 hectares (yes its huge!).

Whether you come to spend the day, or to stay a couple of nights, Iztaru offers several accommodation options. You can choose from large rooms with bunk beds to private cabins with their very own rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.
Conveniently enough, Iztaru also offers a dinning room which serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at a small cost.

Now for the fun part. The area offers so many different activities which you can plan into your trip. From camping areas fully equipped with showers, BBQ’s and campfires; to Sports areas which include soccer, basketball and volleyball fields. Also, there are lots of green areas available in case you want to plan your very own activity.
And don’t forget, Iztaru offers a very cool climbing wall which you are free to use anytime during your stay!

Sounds like an awesome place to spend some good quality time with kids, right? If you do decide to visit Cerro Iztaru, make sure you take some good walking shoes, a light jacket (it tends to get windy), sunblock and a great attitude!

Cerro Iztaru is located near “La Carpintera”, in Tres Rios, Cartago. Any normal vehicle will safely get you there.

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Cerro Iztaru - Cartago, Costa Rica

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