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Bajo del Toro, Juan Castro Blanco National Park

Juan Castro Blanco National Park

18 October 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Travelling to Costa Rica is all about being able to appreciate nature’s wonders! So naturally, you will want to find unique places to visit and make it an unforgettable trip! But there are so many places to get to know! Take our word for it, if you are looking to venture off the beaten path, you simply must visit the Juan Castro Blanco National Park!

Eco-tourism is not only huge; it’s THE thing to do in Costa Rica. And this National park will really give you a glimpse of all of the country’s magic! Located in the Central Valley the park is west from the Poas Volcano and Braulio Carillo National Park which gives you some of the most scenic views you could ever imagine! Getting here takes about an hour or two (depending on the traffic), and will definitely require a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Also known as ‘Park of the waters’ due to the large amount of rivers born in the area, the park is also famous for its volcanoes. Juan Castro Blanco offers three beautiful volcanoes which you can visit during your trip: El Viejo, Platanar and Porvenir.

Into hiking while appreciating unique flora and fauna? Then Juan Castro Blanco National Park is definitely for you! The park has a large trail system that spans over more than 35,000 acres of lush green land! – simply gorgeous! The park has over 220 species of birds including some of the prettiest endangered species you can imagine! During your hike you may get to see tapirs, ocelots and even sloths and howler monkeys!

Being know as the ‘Park of the waters’, the Juan Castro Blanco park also offers breathtaking waterfalls and hot springs for you to enjoy! Simply imagine going for a delicious long hike and then soaking up if a refreshing fresh-water natural pool or a steamy and relaxing hot spring! Yeah, we’d like that too!

All ready planning you trip to this amazing park? If you are, make sure you visit during the months of December to April as this is the dry season (avoid any heavy rain). Also, make sure you bring lots of sunscreen, snacks and water to keep hydrated!

Get off the beaten path and enjoy some of nature’s most incredible secrets at Juan Castro Blanco National Park!

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Parque Nacional Juan Castro Blanco

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