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River in Costa Rica

Most grateful people in the world – Costa Rica!

15 February 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

We have been called the Happiest country on earth by Forbes magazine. We have also been picked as the best destination in Latin America by Travel Weekly Magazine. So its clear that there is something special about Costa Rica… so why not come and visit us?

Costa Rica is known for its beaches, mountains, rainforests, locals and beer. But if there is one thing that represents us entirely is our number one favorite phrase: “Pura Vida!”. The translation of this is “pure life” put the meaning of the phrase goes far beyond that. Pure life is a way of living life to its fullest, of being friendly and kind to all, of living in a country without an army for over 65 years and most importantly living in a country so full of green and life and knowing how to respect and protect our most richest treasure: our environment.

Whether you are more of a beach or mountain person; or if you would rather stay in the city, Costa Rica has so much to offer!

Our beaches are one of our main attractions. We have two coasts with the most gorgeous beaches, but so different one from the other. The pacific side has more of a commercial aspect to it and so most tourists tend to visit this side of the country. You will find that the beaches on the Pacific coast my vary quite a lot, as you can find anything from the very busy, touristy beaches to very secluded and peaceful ones. The Caribbean coast is very different as it is much more culturally dense. Beaches on this coast have a very easy laid-back atmosphere and tend to be visited mostly by Europeans.

Our luscious rainforests are also one of our most popular attractions as we are home to a rich variety of plants and animals. Although we are very small in size, Costa Rica contains about 5% of the world’s biodiversity! – and that is pretty awesome! An average of 25% of the country’s land is either a National Park or a Protected area, so tourists who adore nature can definitely have the time of their lives if they choose to visit us!

We might be the happiest country in the world, but Costa Rica goes way beyond that. Our culture, land, locals and “Pura vida” way of life is what makes us the most grateful people in the world! And that is worth visiting!

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Visit Costa Rica, it is Pura Vida!

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