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Tortuga Island, Costa Rica

The perfect mini escape: Tortuga Island

16 May 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Want to go to the beach but tired of the rumble and huge crowds of people? Well we think we’ve got the solution for that! Instead of visiting a crowded beach, try going to a deserted island!

Isla Tortuga, known in English as Tortuga Island, is actually a set of two deliciously gorgeous tropical islands located north of Puntarenas. The smaller island is named Alcatraz while the bigger one is named Tolinga. Together both islands have a total surface of under 2km². So, as you can tell, Tortuga Island is the perfect mini weekend getaway you have been looking for!

After a 90 minute boat ride (approximately), you will get to Tortuga Island and will be immediately struck by its pristine white sandy beaches, abundance in coconut trees and incredibly awesome wildlife. And don’t worry- the boat ride is always very peaceful and mellow. So you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking views of the landscape and marine life.

Although you are on an actual island, there are plenty of activities you can take part of in order to enjoy during the day. If you would rather stay on land, you can play beach football or volleyball, go on a great hiking quest up the island’s hills, or just simply relax and sunbathe on the warm sand. If you are feeling adventurous, you can even try some canopy or zip lining tours, which will give you remarkable views of Tortuga Island and its beautiful shoreline.

If you are more of a water person, you can try swimming or kayaking around the island. But perhaps the biggest and most popular attractions at Tortuga Island are snorkeling and scuba diving. Its marine wildlife is so wonderfully intense that it would be a mistake to travel all the way there are not be a part of this unbelievable experience! If you do decide to get adventurous and dive deep into the island’s oceans, you will have the opportunity to see everything from angel fish and sting ray’s, to dolphins, octopus and even sharks! Most importantly, you will have the unique experience of scuba diving to three different sunken ship sites - which is absolutely remarkable!

Visit Tortuga Island and it will be the perfect way to re-connect with your natural surrounding’s and get to recharge batteries. This is the perfect little escape for those looking for some fun in the sun and sea!

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