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Los Chorros Municipal Recreation Park

Picnic Sunday at Los Chorros waterfalls

03 August 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Weekends at home are good, they give you lots of time to catch up on work, rest and get ready for the coming week. But every so often, some fresh air is absolutely necessary to recharge batteries and spend some good quality time with your family! Worried about your budget? – Don’t worry! We’ve got the perfect plan! Spend a great Sunday having a wonderful picnic at Los Chorros waterfalls!

Located in Los Chorros Municipal Recreation Park, this amazing spot is a protected area as it is an important water source for nearby towns. Los Chorros, also known as ‘the Jets’ is really one of the nicest and cheapest places for a picnic day trip.

Los Chorros is made up of two majestically large waterfalls, Zamora and Prendas (both equally as beautiful). There is only a short hike separating both waterfalls so you are able to visit both in one same day. With a height of over 130 feet, the waterfall is so powerful that you will feel the refreshing mist as soon as you come up to it – which actually feels pretty awesome on a hot summer day!

Just before getting to the waterfall there is a lovely area with dozens of picnic tables. Bring your Sunday lunch to one of Costa Rica’s most gorgeous waterfalls and enjoy with your family and friends! Los Chorros offers a great place to really chill during an afternoon. Kids love it here too, as there are millions of places to explore and even a cool hanging bridge! After eating you might want to take a dive into the pool created by the waterfalls as it is truly delicious! We assure you that might be the most energizing water you have ever swam in!

It will take you a short 30 minutes to get to Los Chorros as it is located in Grecia, Alajuela (which is real close to the city although it doesn’t look anything like the actual city). Any compact or mid-size vehicle will get you there, but do keep in mind it will get muddy!

Next Sunday, pack a bathing suit, repellent, a picnic lunch and put on your walking shoes! Los Chorros waterfalls will give you the most awesome picnic Sunday!

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Los Chorros waterfalls - Grecia, Costa Rica

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