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La ruta de los conquistadores, Costa Rica

Ruta de los Conquistadores

10 October 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Unique for its many different natural wonders, Costa Rica offers its visitors some of the most exceptionally beautiful locations for you to enjoy! You will find everything from mountain forests, to humid jungles and sunny beaches. So, what better place to have a multi-stage mountain bike race than here? Yeah, we are talking about the thrilling, intense and extreme race: La Ruta de Los Conquistadores!

Consisting of a three-day race which (literally) makes you cross Costa Rica from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast; La Ruta de los Conquistadores is known as one of the most difficult and challenging bike races ever. Although the route changes from year to year, it usually goes from Jaco beach to Bonita beach; which means having to bike through mountains, valleys and rivers for about 400 kilometers! Yeah- that’s crazy! Competitors are exposed to all type of climates and heights that range from 7 to about 3,300 meters above sea level.

Ruta de los Conquistadores has a category for everyone depending on your age and biking experience. There are 8 different categories you can participate in. 4 out of the 8 categories go by age (18-29, 30-39, 40-49 and 50+). The other 4 categories are: Female (no age limit here), federated racers, non-federated racers and fat bikes.

Unique as it is, the Ruta de los Conquistadores is not only famous because of how demanding the race actually is; but also because of where it takes place. Costa Rica was named by National Geographic “one of the most biodiverse places on earth”. So you can only imagine how incredibly breathtaking it is to (again, literally!) cross the whole country in 3 days! La Ruta gives rides a chance to truly experience Costa Rica to its fullest as it goes through 9 of the country’s 12 microclimates! And lets not talk about the thousands of species of flora and fauna you will get to see on the way!

Sounds like an amazing ride doesn’t it? Bare in mind though, La Ruta de los Conquistadores is not for the faint hearted! Only professional athletes and bike rides can take this challenge, as it not only tests your riding abilities, but also your mental, physical strength and endurance.

Think you’ve got what it takes?

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La Ruta de los Conquistadores

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