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Barva Volcano, Costa Rica, San José

Sunday Funday at Barva Volcano

19 December 2016 on Costa Rica by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Costa Rica is known for its numerous natural beauties. But if there is one very unique thing about this country, is its incredible amount of volcanic formations! Visiting both active as well as dormant volcano’s is truly an amazing experience. And what better place to start than at the Barva Volcano!

Although Barva is a dormant volcano, it is actually one of the most famous in the country due to its location and numerous family activities. The volcano itself is over 100,000 feet tall, and is actually one of the three peaks which make up “Las Tres Marias”. Being part of the Braulio Carrillo National Park, Barva is really a great place to both explore nature while spending some great quality time with your family.

Believe it or not, the Barva Volcano has several lagoons which were once lava-filled craters. Thousands of years later, they are now filled with water and are one of the coolest characteristics of the Volcano itself. The volcano’s main crater is (obviously) the most visited one as it is has about 28 feet in depth and measures 230 feet in diameter.

Hiking is also a huge part of visiting this dormant giant. There are four beautiful trails that run through the National Reserve. You can choose to hike some of the trails; or if you are really into hiking and discovering exotic wildlife, then you can visit them all! All fours trails will take you about 6 hours in total, but it is oh so worth it! Want a shorter adventure? You can choose between the Vara Blanca Lookout Path (1 hour), the Barva Lagoon Path (1 hour), Stag Horn Path (1.5 hours) or the Copey Lagoon Trail (2 hours).

One of the coolest things about visiting the Barva Volcano is the enormous amount of unique flora and fauna you will find here! Whether it’s hiking through the trails, visiting the lagoons or simply having a nice family picnic, you will have a great chance of meeting some new tiny friends. From hummingbirds and quetzals, to frogs, monkeys, deer, ocelots and jaguars; you will certainly be amazed by the area’s wildlife!

Located just a couple of hours from San Jose, the Barva Volcano is really the ultimate Sunday family trip. Just make sure you take a 4-wheel drive as the roads may get bumpy on the way!

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Barva Volcano, Costa Rica

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