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Surfing sweet spot: Playa Negra

15 June 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

It is obvious why Costa Rica is one of the best countries to take your paradise style holidays! Its lovely weather, gorgeous beaches, delicious food and laid-back atmosphere are just some of the many attractive qualities for anyone looking for the perfect getaway place! But if there is one thing we are known for is for our sweet surf spots! One of them for example is the awesome Playa Negra!

Also known as Black beach, this spot has become extremely popular in the surfing community for its incredible barrels! Also, this beach has beautiful dark colored sand, rocks that are perfect for exploring and refreshing tide pools which also make it the perfect place to spend the day for friends and family.

Playa Negra receives surfers all year round and is perfect for both intermediate as well as experienced surfers. Also, this beach is popularly known for being featured in the movie “Endless Summer II”.

Most surfers choose to go in during high tide, as the low tides expose the rocks under the water. The rock reef bottom at Playa Negra creates great right-hand barrels that build the perfect wave. Also, the sea is known for having strong rip currents that drag the surfers back to the impact zone. You might get the occasional tide that breaks to the left depending on the day’s swell.

Although currents vary throughout the year, Playa Negra might get too rough from time to time. When this happens, there are many other nearby beaches where surfers can go to such as Playa Callejones or Playa Avellanas.

Weather you are visiting Playa Negra as a wild surfer, or just tagging along for a day at the beach, we promise you will find a great getaway spot here! The beach is located in a tropical dry forest, which means if you are lucky you may even get to see Coatis, Jaguarundis and the loud Howler Monkeys.

Playa Negra is located about 2 hours from Liberia (around 5-6 hours from San Jose). And although the car ride is quite long, it is so worth it! A 4x4 is very recommended as roads might be a bit dicey depending on the season. Communicate with Rent a Car Costa Rica for more information on our rates and car rental services.

Visit Playa Negra for a unique surfing getaway!

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