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Planetario, Barrio Escalante

- The Planetarium- Looking for a really cool, absolutely unforgettable night in town? We’ll we have got the most perfect suggestion for you! Keep reading for a night to remember!

Dates are pretty straightforward. The options usually are: having dinner at any restaurant, going to the movies or crashing someone’s house. But if you truly want to surprise a good friend or special someone, take our advice: go on special Planetarium +late night Barrio Escalante dinner date!

Located both on the East side of town, driving to both of these locations is pretty easy. Do take into account; you might bump into some traffic depending on the time of day. Also, given that both places are right smack in the center of the city, any compact car will get you there.

Most locals don’t even know that there exists a Planetarium in Costa Rica. However it is most definitely one of the most special places you can find! Start out your date by surprising your special someone with any of the Planetarium’s functions (there is everything from stars, myths and legends to a full run-through of the solar system and its planets. The Planetarium uses a ‘fulldome’ 360º digital projector which will make you think you are actually looking at the beauty of space.

This wonderful experience will not only leave you absolutely inspired, but if will most definitely leave you both seeing stars!

After the amazing function, you can head over to Barrio Escalante. Although it may seem as a normal residential neighborhood at first, Barrio Escalante has actually become one of the most trendy and delightful dinning options in the country. Pick any restaurant here and we promise you will dine like a king (or queen)!

Although there are about 20-30 restaurants you can choose from, we have a couple of great recommendations: Olio (Spanish/Tapas restaurant), Mantras (Veggie), Al Mercat (traditional Costa Rican food with a twist) and Sofia Mediterraneo (Mediterranean and European).

Any of these restaurants will give you the perfect opportunity to discuss the wonders seen at the Planetarium while enjoying one of the most delicious dishes you have ever tasted!

Take a chance and go on the night of your life! A date to the Planetarium plus a delightful late night dinner at Barrio Escalate is the best choice for an unforgettable evening!

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