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Hot air balloon

Unique ride on a Hot air balloon

09 May 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

An experience like any you’ve ever had before. Hot air balloon rides overlooking some of the most incredible and jaw-dropping scenery in the whole entire world. – Now that should most definitely be on your bucket list!

Hot air balloon rides are one of those things that gives you a completely new perspective on things. It allows passengers to gaze down at the Costa Rican landscape, and enjoy everything from winding rivers, gorgeous volcanoes and lush rainforests!

There are many different places in Costa Rica that you can tale Hot air balloon rides, as there are a couple of companies offering different tours depending on what you are looking for. Regardless of the tour you take, we guarantee you will be amazed at the sightseeing opportunities you will get with this amazing experience.

Balloon flights at CR usually start at sunrise due to the wind (it is most stable during this time). It will take about an hour or so to inflate the balloon and get everything ready for the ride.

Once inflated, passengers get onto the basket and its time for takeoff! Hot air balloon rides will give you the most incredible opportunity to fly through the skies and experience the beauty of the Costa Rican environments. Depending on your pilot, you might even get he chance to go close to forests where you will be able to appreciate the wildlife in its natural habitats.

There are a few things you need to take into account when planning a Hot air balloon ride. Because takeoff is at sunrise, the temperatures are usually a but chilly at this time. Make sure you wear clothes in layers so that once you are up and the sun is shinning brightly, you can take some layers off. Comfortable clothing is definitely recommended.

You will be getting a lot of sun, so make sure you wear enough sunblock, take sunglasses, hats, and a pair of comfy shoes.

Make sure to bring water. Extra weigh such as snacks and glass bottles are not recommended.

Hot air balloon rides usually take about 1 – 1.5 hours. This remarkable experience is truly a very unique adventure you need to try at least once!

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Hot Air Balloon flight in Costa Rica

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