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Las Hornillas

Venture at Las Hornillas tours!

05 September 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country full wonders and surprises! From its forests, beaches, mountains and especially the everlasting flora and fauna; it literally has so much for you to explore! But if there is one thing that never seizes to impress both locals as well as tourists are its amazing active volcanoes! And what better way to experience the volcanoes’ grandiosity than seeing it all happen live at Las Hornillas!

Unique in its kind, Las Hornillas is a live geologic spa and museum that attracts both nationals and tourists all year long. This exceptional place not only gives you a close look at what a volcano is, bit it is the only place where you can actually walk inside an active crater! – how absolutely amazing is that!? Located in the foothills of the Miravalles Volcano in Guanacaste, you will probably have to drive a couple of hours if you are driving from San Jose. But the drive is well worth it! Although a 4x4 car is not strictly needed, it's highly recommended!

There are two types of tours at Las Hornillas: The classic Honillas tour or the Waterfall tour (you can also choose to do both). If you are into the whole volcano stuff, then the Hornillas tour is for you! Here you will be able to go out and witness the burners of the Miravalles Volcano’s active crater, go up close to watch the fumaroles, hot stones, volcanic mud pots and crystallized sulfur caused by the same volcano. Literally the coolest thing ever! At this tour you may also enjoy 3 outdoor thermal pools, 3 extra normal pools, a sauna and a fun filled pool slide!

The Waterfall tour on the other hand is best for those who like nature, sightseeing and hiking. This tour is done partly by tractor and partly by hiking. To get to the actual waterfalls you will have to do some walking, cross three suspension bridges and see everything form the most exotic plants to a wide range of animals. There are a total of 4 waterfalls you can visit. Enjoy a nice picnic by a waterfall or even take a dip for a refreshed finished!

If you are planning to visit the breathtaking Las Hornillas, make sure you bring a light T-shirt, long pants and some good walking shoes.

Go on the adventure of your life and take a tour at Las Hornillas!

The Guanacaste Province always surprise us! Many adventure can be found in the Miravalles Volcano and surroundings. We remind you that we have offices in Alajuela and the Liberia International Airport.

Las Hornillas - Guanacaste, Costa Rica

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