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Carrerta Típica, Sarchi, Costa Rica

Vibrant town of Sarchi!

08 August 2016 on Costa Rica, Places by Rent a Car Costa Rica

There is nothing better in this world than venturing out with your family or friends into the most lovely countryside day trip! Driving out of the city, getting some fresh air and spending the day surrounded by life’s simple pleasures. It is just absolutely amazing! Although there are many places that will offer you a memorable trip, we can guarantee no other will offer you such a painteresque day – visit the lovely town of Sarchi!

Famous for its brightly colored streets and handcrafts, Sarchi is just a short trop from San Jose downtown. You would usually pass by the town if you were planning a trip to the Poas Volcano (making it a great pit stop!). Located about an hour away from San Jose, Sarchi is easily one of the prettiest towns for both tourists and locals!

Known as the ‘cradle of the Tico handcrafts’, this gorgeous town offers over 200 small, family-owned businesses which are simply to die for! Sarchi is known for producing many of the typical products such as hand-tooled leather rocking chairs, tropical wooden boxes, hand painted ceramic, chests and most importantly Costa Rica’s national symbol: The ox cart.

There are so many colorful places you can visit, from delicious typical Costa Rican restaurants, to local markets and plazas. But there are three spot that are a total must on your to do list:

The Artisan Market is the most beautiful and culturally rich place you can visit in Sarchi. You’ll find that the Market is like a huge warehouse where local artists showcase and sell their pieces. Here you will find some of the cutest crafts (including mini oxcarts which are definitely a must when it comes to purchasing souvenirs!).
The second spot you must visit is Sarchi’s Catholic Church. Although the shape is just like any normal church, it is painted in the most lovely pink and blue colors you could ever imagine! Once you get here make sure you visit its lovely interior and take a selfie with its colorful outside!
The last place on your list is unique in its kind. Right smack in the central park of Sarchi lays the world’s largest oxcart! Absolutely stunning and bright, Sarchi’s oxcart is its joy and pride!

Have the most special countryside daytrip at the most colorful and vibrant town in Costa Rica: beautiful town of Sarchi!

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The Traditional Town of Sarchi - Costa Rica

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